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Nonucleartrains.org.uk is the website of the Nuclear Trains Action Group (NTAG): a campaining organization opposing the transport of nuclear waste through densely populated areas such as London. NTAG has no ties to any energy company or industry sector, nor to any political party.

"Nuclear trains" are trains carrying used, but extremely radioactive, nuclear fuel rods from nuclear power stations to Sellafield in Cumbria for reprocessing. The reprocessing is not essential, and separates out plutonium. The main use of plutonium is in nuclear weapons and there is a world glut of this extremely dangerous substance. The nuclear industry insist on calling the waste "spent fuel" but since there is little demand for plutonium it may actually have a negative value as it has to be safely stored for a very, very long time. The reprocessing does not reduce the total radioactivity but produces a much greater volume of somewhat lower level radioactivity, which has to be dealt with as a highly toxic waste. Reprocessing also releases radioactive waste into the environment.

Plans to build more nuclear power stations in the UK are still being pursued, despite the continuing disaster at Fukushima. If built, starting at Hinkley Point, these will create an even more radioactive environment.

This website has been set up to provide basic information. A lot has still to be added.

show solidarity with Japanese activists

Every Friday tens of thousands protest in Tokyo against the re-opening of nuclear power stations in Japan after Fukushima. Here in the UK there are regular protests outside the Japanese Embassy and Tepco offices in London.
Check Kick Nuclear for details: www.kicknuclear.com

we have a list of other active things you can do to help in another section

Site Organization & Navigation

This site is split into several sections, each with its own page. On some of these there are links to other sections. At the top and bottom of each page is a button (NTAG) which will skip back to this page.

The bulk of this website is the 'InfoPack' which contains explanations of why the nuclear industry is a problem not a solution. This is organized somewhat like a book and has its own system of navigation.

What is available on the site (or will be):

NTAG Monthly Newsletters

These are documents in PDF format, usually two double-A5 pages (landscape form). The last 12 monthly issues will normally be available (any gap will be filled by the previous year's newsletter for that month) - just click on the month.

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Contact details:

Nuclear Trains Action Group
162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ
Tel: 020-7700-2393
e-mail: davidtrpolden@gmail.com

There are monthly planning meetings, usually on the third Thursday of each month, at 7pm at the CND office at the above address. Anyone interested in the campaign is welcome to come along. Please telephone or email to check date of meeting.

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